Amelia Perry

Papers (by date of first public appearance)

Estimation under group actions: recovering orbits from invariants.
Afonso S. Bandeira, Ben Blum-Smith, Amelia Perry, Jonathan Weed, and Alexander S. Wein.
Preprint appeared Dec 2017. arXiv pdf
The sample complexity of multi-reference alignment.
Amelia Perry, Jonathan Weed, Afonso S. Bandeira, Philippe Rigollet, and Amit Singer.
Preprint appeared Jul 2017. arXiv pdf
Statistical limits of spiked tensor models.
Amelia Perry, Alexander S. Wein and Afonso S. Bandeira.
Preprint appeared Dec 2016. arXiv pdf
Message-passing algorithms for synchronization problems over compact groups.
With Alexander S. Wein, Afonso S. Bandeira, and Ankur Moitra.
To appear in Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics.
Preprint appeared Oct 2016. arXiv pdf
Optimality and Sub-optimality of PCA for Spiked Random Matrices and Synchronization.
With Alexander S. Wein, Afonso S. Bandeira, and Ankur Moitra.
Related paper to appear in Annals of Statistics.
Preprint appeared Sep 2016. arXiv pdf
How Robust are Reconstruction Thresholds for Community Detection?
With Ankur Moitra and Alexander S. Wein.
In STOC 2016.
Preprint appeared Nov 2015. arXiv pdf conference
A semidefinite program for unbalanced multisection in the stochastic block model.
With Alexander S. Wein.
In SampTA 2017.
Preprint appeared Jul 2015. arXiv pdf
Spin two-dimensional local field theories.
MMath thesis, University of Oxford, 2013.

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